Looking for Help?

Are you looking for help on a short term or ongoing project?
I am here to help with any odd jobs you might have.

From editing a video to building a bookshelf, or from fixing a computer to picking up groceries — if I don’t know how to do it, I have the research skills to get the information I need to tackle any task succesfully.

Even if you have the skills to do a task on your own, if you’re busy with your career and family, sometimes a little delegation can really help a project.

The following is a list of general skills and possible applications.

Media Help

  • Video production / editing / motion graphics
  • Audio composition, recording, editing, remixing
  • 3D modeling, printing, scanning
  • 1 on 1 software tutorial / teaching
    Computer backup / repair upgrade
  • Logo design, illustration, promotional material, websites

House Help

  • Organize a garage
  • Design / build storage / shelving solution
  • Check mail and cut grass while you’re away on vacation
  • Install an HD TV / sound system
  • Assemble furniture

Logistical Help

  • Research assistant / literature search / organization
  • Small project management
  • Pickup / delivery


I have turned down a number of opportunities for full time employment recently. Some of these positions paid relatively well, and were tempting, but also required I commit to 40 hours a week. With a daily commute, a 9-5 doesn’t leave me much time to focus on my art practice, so I opt to juggle more flexible contracts and odd jobs. I also like learning new things and appreciate some variety in my life. Almost any task can be interesting for a day or a week.

I am currently living in Leslieville, Toronto, right next to a sculpture studio with my girlfriend and two little tigers.